• Jose J Oyola-Labbe

Healing & Self Forgiveness

A lot of time we go through life feeling that we are broken. That feeling becomes a part of who and what we are and in many occasions, it becomes a badge of honor we carry with pride. This is so to the point that some in our society have started to embrace being broken and if they have not had any experiences that brake them they seek such things as if they were a goal to achieve before happiness. But what does this do to us at our core level and why do we remain in this world broken when we can heal?

I am of the opinion that healing is harder than being broken because for one to heal, (on some occasions) forgiveness has to be exercised towards oneself. This is by far the hardest thing to do. Facing yourself and the reality you have worked so hard to create can be on its own, a traumatic experience because at that moment every choice ever made is questioned. Everything that we have ever believed to be true can be seen as less than that. But it is in those moments, that clarity about who we are genuinely undeniably present itself.

Emerging from this point should be relatively easy, but is not. While the healing continues, many will have a hard time accepting who they are and embracing themselves. In everyday life, we are ready to face many things to protect our convictions. Whether we are protecting our religion, country, or simply our political views, at any moment notice we fearlessly defend those beliefs. Which bring the question: What would happen if we truly, honestly and fully believed in our selves our spiritual selves?

We would emerge from the deep waters and ugliness that surrounds us completely healed, fearless and ready to help the world evolve with our own evolution. Once we are prepared to fight through our healing, we say to the Universe "I'm ready." When we accept our brokenness and willing to let go of it, the Universe co-conspires to meet every step of the way and lend us a hand. This does not mean that we will get everything we want, it means that we will get everything we need in the process of learning to love ourselves and accept ourselves fully. As all of this happens, forgiveness is critical because it is the action that allows us to shed our past and remain in our present in full awareness of the process while our vibration is raised to the highest and best it can be, bringing us to the next level of our spiritual selves and our lives.

So why would we remain unhealed and in pain?

I don't know. Because while it has not been easy the validation and fulfillment, the Universe has given me has open my heart in surprising ways and I would not be here today without it.

Till the next one;

Jose :-)


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