• Jose J Oyola-Labbe


Every day we go through life and have different experiences. Some make us better; some make us worse. Others allow us to think and reflect on what our next step is. Today I had a real moment of fear, and it brought me to a place where I started to question my worthiness yet again; however, the question did not go unanswered. Why me, why did you choose me to be in this position? I don't get it.

"Because you still believe."

We are supposed to relate to You, be like you, a part of you, but how can we? How can we be sure of something we never see, how can we relate to you?

"You know the answer to that. You do it all the time. You, along with many others, have taken the time to learn and remember what love really means. How unconditional love truly affects your vibration and frequency. True love, unconditional love, is the thread that connects us all. Relatability is only but a judgment of the experience. Remember what your favorite definition of faith is. Faith is the certainty of what we don't know, the certainty of which cannot be seen."

Today was a reminder of what I have known for many years. Creator has placed us on this planet with a purpose. Purpose does not have to be a monumental thing to you, but it could be life-changing for the person/people you will touch. We are given a life that allows us to live through many experiences and learn a little each time to become our best selves. The person we are to become is never finished. It continuously evolves according to your own needs. Also, it continues to morph according to the people you are affecting at that moment in time. These experiences enable us to blindly know that we will make it trough even if we don't know how or when. Through this, we become examples of resilience, strength, and perseverance. Having faith keeps us moving forward, utilizing adversity as a way to propel our selves to a better future. The worst experiences we can go trough can carry some of the best lessons even if we can't see it. Personally, it took me over ten years to realize I had learned this already. It took maturity and experience to be able to assimilate such a lesson. I'm only sharing this with you because I know that while it is painful to live some days, your reward is waiting. I believe that you can harness the ability to see things from a different point of view, enabling you to create a different reality in which you become the amazing, powerful human being your soul craves to be. Who do you want to be?

What are you becoming?


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