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3 Simple ways to enhance your experience with Spirit

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Interestingly enough, many of us have had some kind of experience with spirits. Whether one is willing to admit it can be a cause for debate, not only about the experience but about whether this experience is real or not. Many will say that "is all part of your imagination" and others may say "it happened to me too!" Being a medium it has been my experience that there is life after death and is not that simple there is a whole spectrum in between. However, being able to acknowledge these experiences can be hard at times. We are continually being bombarded with a lot of information, and let's be honest if spirits had social media it would be a lot easier to pay a tension to them.

While I am a firm believer that communication with the afterlife happens at every moment, here are three of my best practices to enhance our receptiveness to Spirit.

1. Sit quietly and listen.

As Simple as this is it is the hardest thing to do. Spirit speaks all the time and it messages are loving caring and simplified so that we can understand them easily. However, we live in chatter day in and day our and we have forgotten how to listen with our hearts. All is needed is a comfortable pace, a couple of deep breaths and the intention of opening your heart and listening. Trust me, you will feel your message and may be able to fully hear it.

2. Practice Mindfulness

When we think about mindfulness, we may think about meditation, and while this is a part of it is not the full practice. The picture below is the best way to visualize what mindfulness means. To live in the moment, and experience, every second of every moment. In a recent read from Oprah's new book The Wisdom of Sundays I came across this simple teaching:

"When you are taking a shower, check to make sure you are in the shower and not in your 8:00 am meeting."

Many of us do this we are pre-planning in our minds what's next, and if we are doing this, we are not making space for what's already here, and present and spirit is always with us in our present moment... Let us not ignore it.

3. Read about this! Talk to others!

Find anything you can read about the subject that may help validate your experiences. while is not needed, to me, is very important to read and know that you are not alone or going crazy. There are also many who hold groups that allow you to talk just about this. There is a wonderful set of people that I get-together with at The Dragonfly Landing, and that's what we do when we get together. We talk! Having the opportunity to be with like minded people allows us to give up some of our fears and feel more confident while we navigate the energy of our experiences.

There are many ways of accepting that we are have an experience with spirit. Don't limit your self to what's written here explore for your self and learn everything you can.

Till the next one;

Jose :-)

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