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Hi there!


I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce my self and allow you a peek into who I am and why I have decided to be of Service to those who need it.


My name is Jose; I am a Shaman, Mystic, and Healer; and for the past 17 years, I have been on a journey of learning and healing. When this path opened for me, I had no idea what was in store for me, much less, the amount of work I needed to do to become my best self. I had much to learn since I started walking on this road at a considerably young age, but that also made me moldable to God's will. As in any journey, there are ups and downs, and it took me a little while to lovingly accept my calling. Not only I had to heal to grow, but I also had to learn to surrender, and it is in surrendering that not me, but Spirit has allowed me to emerge in a position of Service. Many things have happened since I took my first steps into spirituality, and I have learned a lot from teachers like Steve Willson, Bety Comeford, Joan Rugerio, and Dian Vandete.


Today Creator has allowed me to open my self to those who would like to heal and grow through their hearts. I believe that true healing happens when we take a journey into the depths of our hearts and remove, lovingly and compassionately all the traumas that may still reside there. I invite you to start walking along this path. While it may be painful and scary, I offer you my support. I promise you that in time it will get better.


Like you, I have a life (lol). I have a beautiful baby boy and an amazingly supportive husband and reside in Dracut, Massachusetts. 


So, please shoot me an email let see where the universe wants you to go!

What People Say

Danielle C

Jose is inviting, personable and gifted. His inviting presence coupled with his intuitive guidance and healing allows you to not only shift in the moment, but to shift in the days that follow working with him. If you're looking to partner with a gentle light worker, I highly recommend Jose for spiritual coaching and healing. He will leave you at ease, with an abundance of love and seeds of divine guidance you can use to help yourself grow.

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