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As some of you may have experienced when one starts a journey into the betterment of oneself through spirituality, the universe co-conspires to make sure we get all of our messages in ways that leave a mark in our souls. Sometimes these messages come into our lives at times when things don't make sense, and the lessons that these messages bring (especially those that come from animal spirit guides) can be quite unsettling.


Some time at the beginning of my journey, the Puma presented itself to me. At that time I had no idea about its message much less about what this meant for my life. You see the Puma brings with it many qualities like wisdom, grace, courage, and assertiveness. However, this Spirit Animal brings all of these things in the most gentle manner possible while making its mark one that lasts forever in our souls. All of this comes with our simple request, and while I use the word simple, I don't mean easy. 


Once this Spirit Animal begins working with you, it asks of you to step into your power. Simply put, it asks you to forget who you are now and become whom you came into this world to be, it proposes that you allow the blueprint that was placed inside of your Soul Spark to unfold becoming the masterpiece The Creator intended from your conception.


While there were many fears and "excuses (obstacles)" for me not step into my power The Heart of the Puma showed me the courage to do so. It taught me to embrace my Shadow Self and allow Gods plan to unfold gracefully, and until this day it continues to show me about surrendering. 


Today I ask of you a similar question as the Puma asked of me. Are you ready to dive deep into your heart and experience your healing?, because I believe there is power in healing and the key to your potential lies there. 


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